A Quick Guide for Canada Dental Benefit

Basic Overview

Canada Dental Benefit is a temporary measure given to families earning below $90,000 annually to help with dental costs.

The plan will allow parents or guardians to receive aid for a child under 12 years or who does not have access to any private dental insurance.

A child is eligible to receive tax-free amounts of $260, $390, and $650 depending on the adjusted family net income.

Remember, you can only receive benefit payments for 2 periods for the eligible child. The CRA is responsible for the administration of the Canada Dental Benefits Plan.

The first benefit period for the child who is 12 years old is as of Dec 1, 2022, and will be able to apply for the payment between October 1, 2022, to 30 June 2023.

Who is Eligible?

Canada Dental Benefit has two interim periods for the beneficiary. Each benefit period depends on the time your child receives dental care. Check and find below if your child is eligible to get benefit payments:

  • Period 1: October 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023
  • Period 2: July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024

Eligibility checklist- First benefit period

You must qualify all of the following to get benefit payments:

  • Your child must be under 12 years old as of December 1, 2022. (Born after or on 2 Dec 2010)
  • If a child has a dental procedure between Oct 1, 2022, to Jun 30, 2023.
  • Your child is not able to obtain private dental insurance.
  • Lacking full coverage of dental costs for other dental programs by the government.
  • You must be the only parent or guardian who receives CCB for the child as of Dec 1, 2022.
  • You filed your personal income tax for 2021.
  • Your proposed family net income must be below $90,000.

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Eligibility verified by CRA

  • CRA makes sure to pass on payments to the eligible only. You will be required to provide additional info to validate the application after the selection.
  • In case you provide false details or are found ineligible for the process, you must be returning the received amount.
  • If you are found guilty of misleading or concealing info for a claim, your application will be turned down, and restricted from applying again.
  • You will also get penalized for providing false information in the application.

How Much Do You Claim?

The amount you get from the Canada Dental Benefit depends on your stated family net income. Any custodian who fulfills the eligibility criteria can apply for these tax-free payments.

The CRA regulates the benefit amount based on the adjusted family net income.

Please Note: You cannot change the benefit amount for each eligible child based on your dental costs.

Learn about your adjusted family net income below:


Adjusted Family Net IncomeFull Custody AmountShared Custody Amount
Less than $70,000$650$325
$70,000- $79,999$390$195
$90,000 or moreNot eligibleNot eligible

Canada dental benefit

What if dental costs exceed $650?

If your child’s dental costs exceed the threshold of $650 in one benefit period, you need to qualify for the additional payment procedure.

Number of Payments You Receive?

In case you have more than one eligible child, you can proceed with your application simultaneously. To receive benefits, apply with a maximum of 2 payments for each eligible child.

First benefit period Eligibility

Valid from December 1, 2022, till June 30, 2023, you may qualify for

  • one benefit payment if a child gets dental care from October 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023

Second benefit period Eligibility

You can apply on July 1, 2023, for:

  • one benefit payment if a child gets dental care from July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024
  • one additional payment over the $650 limit in either benefit period if you meet the criteria

Note: If you get a benefit payment for a child in the first period, the child will only get one more payment.

For shared custody accounts

If a child shares a residence part-time with you, this might be treated as shared custody of the Canada Child Benefit (CCB).Canada dental benefit

In case, if there’s a split of CCB before Dec 1, 2022, each parent can get the maximum of 2 split amounts (50% of the benefit payment) for the child.

The eligibility or benefit amount will be the same even if either of the parents does not apply. Parents of the same child can get separate payments as it has relied on their own family’s net income which may be different.

Criteria to Apply?

You must pursue these simple steps to apply for the benefit payments:

1. File your Personal Income Tax

Make sure to file your personal income tax return for 2021 to get Canada dental benefit payments.

2. Did you receive the Canada Child Benefit (CCB)

Receiving the CCB is mandatory to access the benefit payments. Make sure you got the CCB payments for your child as of December 1, 2022.

3. CRA My Account Signup

You need to signup for Canada Revenue Agency’s online application (CRA My Account) to apply for this benefit or consult BG experts for a smooth process.

4. Direct Deposit Account

You can receive benefit payments in your direct deposit account that needs to be updated with the CRA.

When to Apply?

The first benefit period is open for applications. You can apply with accumulated applications if you have more than one eligible child.

On-going Period

Find out if you are eligible for the current period October 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023:

The last day to apply is Friday, June 30, 2023 (11:59 pm ET). You can apply again in the next period if you stand eligible for a second payment.

Apply with the CRA

CRA My Account is the smart way to get through your payment process. Complete the following details and make sure you’re ready to apply.

  • Get your info ready
  • Proceed to CRA MyAccount
  • Keep the dental receipts

When to Expect Your Payment

The payment amount depends on your adjusted family net income and the number of eligible children for the Canada Dental Benefits Plan.

Standard processing times