At BG Accounting and Business Solutions we strive to provide tax certainty and out of the box business solutions to our clients. For over 10 years our clients have benefited from our education based approach towards their accounting matters and have kept more of their hard earned monies in their own pockets.


Hashim Chaudhry

Managing Partner

With over 15 years of senior management and business development experience in a broad range of industries, Hashim brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients. He champions an entrepreneurial mindset and provides out-of-the-box business and tax solutions that help clients to grow their businesses while keeping more of their hard-earned money in their pockets.

Hashim’s knowledge extends to Canadian and US taxation, corporate, and small-business consulting solutions. In addition to his tax knowledge and business planning services, Hashim’s clients also benefit from his extensive experience with financial planning and goal setting. Married with a young family, Hashim understands that having an effective tax strategy is imperative to gaining financial freedom. Hashim is passionate about teaching his clients how to grow – both personally and professionally. His Pay Less Tax Workshops are an eye-opener for many individuals and businesses on how much taxes they actually pay, and how shifting their mindset allows them to not only save taxes, but also reach their financial goals sooner. Clients appreciate his honest and direct approach as well as his ability to connect with their overall goals with compassion and authenticity.

Craig Dunkerley

CEO & Founding Partner

Craig Dunkerley is the CEO and Founding Partner of BG Wealth Group, a group of companies consisting of BG Wealth Properties, BG Accounting and Business Solutions, and BG Marketing Authority. Though they provide different services, the companies share a common goal, which stems from Craig’s passion to help others: Achieving financial freedom, personal and business growth, and overall success. An expert investor and author, Craig Dunkerley is a sought-after financial specialist and speaker who inspires others to emulate his success in all areas of finance to maximize their wealth. Craig’s extensive tax and investment knowledge – which he shares with his clients, in his books, and on international stages – comes from hands-on experience investing in real estate, equities, and index funds for more than a quarter century. Craig has made it his mission to help people from all walks of life strategically maximize their success through financial empowerment and become millionaires.


Other Team Members


Tahmina Tabesh

Office Manager

Gursimran Bath

Accounting Manager

Deeksha Bharti

Senior Account Manager

Our Values


Providing both organizational and personal integrity towards our customers


Strong cohesive group between employees and customers


Staying up-to-date with government policies and changes

Results Oriented

Out of the box solutions that addresses your unique tax situation for both immediate and long term goals