Steps After Incorporation a Business in Canada?

Steps After Incorporating a Business in Canada?

Every newly established business has this question in mind. What to do next after incorporating a business in Canada? We have tried to address your concern in 3 simple steps below: Opening of Business Bank Account Depositing Funds Get GST/HST Numbers 1.   Opening of Business Bank Account After incorporating your business, the first and foremost […]
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Gst and HST

What is GST & HST? And How To Register It In Canada?

GST and HST are known as value-added sales tax levied at each stage of the business process from manufacturer to wholesaler, and retailer to the final consumer. Whereas PST is a consumption tax and it’s charged to the final consumer only. In this blog, we are going to discuss about taxes seek the importance of […]
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Federal or Provincial Incorporation

Federal or Provincial Incorporation-Which One Is for You?

Federal or Provincial? Which one is for you? Both incorporations are efficacious and can overtake your business possessions. The client would decide as per their business exposure, if the business is reserved to the territorial limits, then you should go for Ontario Business Corporation Act for the provincial registration. But if you have international clients […]
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When and How Should I Incorporate My Business to CRA?

Incorporation- A smart integration to obtain profit without individual responsibility In this blog we’re peeking an in-depth analysis: How to incorporate a business to CRA? Why does business incorporate? When to incorporate? If you are a business owner looking to incorporate or an individual seeking to establish a business and assuming, is this the right […]
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This blog is written with the purpose to educate people and business owners if they’re striving to incorporate a business or operate as individual business owners in Ontario, Canada. BG Accounting Group emphasizes educating its customers and readers through comprehensive learning. p Without further ado let’s learn about what a corporation is and how it […]
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What is Bookkeeping? Bookkeeping is essential, it is basically keeping records of all the business’s financial affairs, statements, and incomes. Keeping track of your business activities may seem hard but there are some easy tips for you to help maintain your daily affairs. Bookkeeping with BG Accounting and Business solution: BG Accounting and Business solution […]
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Principal Residence

What is considered Principal Residence? A principal residence is the primary location that a person inhabits. It is also referred to as a primary residence or main residence. It does not matter whether it is a house, apartment, trailer, or boat, as long as it is where an individual, couple, or family household lives most […]
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