Meet Hashim

Hashim Chaudhry

Hashim Chaudhry | Managing Partner

“I am passionate about taxes!”

Hashim is a Tax Strategist. He helps people convert their taxes into wealth-building engines.
Every business and individual needs a Hashim on their side when it comes to navigating the tax matrix.

Hashim epitomizes the “entrepreneur gumption”. His passion and relentless pursuit of making people money, through his out-of-the-box business and tax solutions are truly remarkable. He helps clients grow their businesses while keeping more of their hard-earned money in their pockets – that’s why his clients love him – and his positive energy is infectious.”

With over 15 years of senior management and business development experience in a broad range of industries, Hashim brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients.

Hashim’s knowledge extends to Canadian and US taxation, corporate, and small-business consulting solutions. In addition to his tax knowledge and business planning services, Hashim’s clients also benefit from his extensive experience with financial planning and goal setting.

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