Property Tax calculated in the Mississauga

How is Property Tax calculated in the Mississauga/Peel Region?

When you live in a society, you pay various taxes. Capital gains tax, property tax, GST/HST, etc., are some common taxes.
It’s the same case if you’re living in the city of Mississauga.

If you own a house in Mississauga, you need to pay property tax to the concerned authorities. Such taxes might seem like a burden. But, such taxes help in maintaining a well-functioning community. The local government uses these taxes to fund public services and infrastructure that benefit everyone in the community.

But do you know how much property calculated in Mississauga? Do you know how much property tax you need to pay? Keep reading the article to find answers to these questions.

Understanding How Property Tax Calculated in the Mississauga

Property tax calculated in Mississauga follows a straightforward approach. Here is a simple breakdown of how property tax calculated in Mississauga.

Assessment of Your Property's Value

In the first step, Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) figures out the value of your property. MPAC is responsible for determining the assessed value of properties in Mississauga.

MPAC considers the location, size, and special features of your property. After considering these, MPAC decides how much your property is worth. Currently, we base assessment values on a January 1, 2016, value.

Property Tax Rate

In the second step, the authorities determine the tax rate of your property. In this case, government bodies like the region and school boards apply the tax rate.

Calculation of Taxes

Once you know your property’s value and the tax rate, the next step is to calculate. To figure out your property tax, multiply your property’s assessed value by the tax rate %. The calculation will give you the amount you owe to the local government. The formula is:

Property Tax = Assessed Value × (Municipal Rate + Regional Rate + Education Tax Rate). The taxes help the government keep society in good shape.

Pay in Installment

A high-value property can result in high property tax. But the good news is, you don’t have to pay all your property taxes at once.

You can pay the amount in small instalments throughout the year. You can pay the tax in February, May, and September. The initiative is to make things easier for people to manage their taxes.

Additional Charges

In addition to your property tax, you need to pay additional charges to the Property Assessment Corporation MPAC. Specific services or infrastructure improvements cause the additional charges. The additional charges might include taxes for waste management, local improvement projects, or other special assessments.

Tax Rebates and Credits

The additional charges are not for every citizen. Seniors, low-income individuals, and people with disabilities get a break on property taxes. Tax Rebates & Credits in Mississauga helps eligible people lower their property tax burden.

Stay Updated

Tax rates don’t remain the same throughout the years. They can change over time. It’s also the same for property tax rules. Check the official website of Mississauga City to ensure you have the latest and accurate information.

You can also remain updated by interacting with local experts. So, this is how property tax calculated in Mississauga.


Paying taxes might seem like a financial burden. But if we see the bigger picture, it’s for our own good. The authorities that collect property taxes in Mississauga, spend the funds on the well-being of society. They make sure the city has the things people need.

So figure out your property tax. Contribute your part to the community and keep the city running smoothly. We hope the article will help you in the property tax calculation in Mississauga.

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