Personal Real Estate Corporation(PREC)

Personal Corporation for Real Estate Agents (PREC)


Are you looking forward to building your own personal real estate corporation? Establishing Real Estate Cooperation can be beneficial for you in this hard time of give and take. We will provide you with the right advice you need to kick-start your trance and make it successful.

What is a personal real estate corporation?


Helping people manage their taxes, incomes, and properties better than they could do is what a personal real estate corporation (PREC) does, which might ask you to be a lot more considerate while working.

These are the services we are expanding to your side;


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When it comes to beginning a new business, precise planning is the most difficult thing to achieve, and we have the knowledge to offer you a suitable blueprint of how you should start your personal real estate. Planning includes finding out a perfect location for your firm, how much you should invest in your firm at the beginning, what services you will be providing, selecting themes for your personal websites, and How you will promote your List of important tasks.

We have everything else that you need before you start your real estate corporation. We will take care of all things that are essential for your real estate cooperation.

Managing your tax

We provide the management services for your everyday bills, personal tax, and everyday taxes, food taxes, transport taxes, electricity taxes, gas taxes, storage taxes, and water taxes, everything basic is what we will cover, and the taxes of your new personal real estate corporation too, which includes tax filing and the same things. Managing taxes is hard and can disturb your whole budget if not done.

Select us as your partner in this endeavor and we guarantee that we will do our utmost to ensure your experience is as smooth as possible.

Managing your income

In the starting of establishing a new law firm or your own personal real estate corporation, it is likely that you should seek advice from real estate professionals. It can be a little hard when there wouldn’t many sales right away and gaining popularity as a good firm might take a little to some time, but if you choose to buy our service, it will take as half the time it would take you to do all the work by yourself.

Once we help you gain popularity and kick start your business, along with the tax management, we are providing you with the service of managing your income as well. We will be sincere with you about it and will be providing you with strategies on how to increase your income with the techniques you might need to increase your client’s area.

We will also help you manage your client’s data to contemplate the key points about what to sell them and how to sell them. If you understand your clients better and know in what ways they are, then you can convince them, your income is not going to stop increasing.



What PREC means?

A Personal Real Estate Corporation (PREC) is a personal corporation that real estate agents and brokers can establish.

What can I use a PREC for?

The most important benefit of establishing a Personal Real Estate Corporation is tax deferral and tax planning. Without a PREC, you would normally be taxed at the personal income tax rate (combined federal and provincial rates), which can be quite high if you are earning at one of the higher tax brackets

What should I need to do if I want to set up a PREC?

To set up a PREC, you'll need to engage a lawyer to create a transfer agreement to transfer your assets from your sole proprietorship into the corporation, as well as to draft and file articles of incorporation and related resolutions.

Is it mandatory that I register a PREC?

You are required to apply for a PREC license as well as maintain your own real estate services license.

Are there any restrictions on the activities a PREC can engage in?

he PREC must not trade in real estate other than to provide the services of its controlling shareholder (broker or salesperson) to the brokerage. There are no restrictions in the legislation on what other activities a PREC might engage in.

Is PREC Right for You?

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Incorporation for real estate agents is an important evolution within the industry, with Bill 104 allowing realtors to maximize their income using new financial management means. Let us help you along the way.


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