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U.S. Tax Preparation

Are you an American Citizen living in Canada? Are you a Canadian citizen having income from the U.S.? Do you own investments in the U.S.? Did you win money in a Casino or a lottery in the U.S.? If yes, then you are required to file U.S. taxes.

Our team can help you with your U.S. tax needs. We will make sure that all your tax returns are filed on time and you are not subject to any kind of double taxation.

If you are an American citizen residing in Canada, you must file two returns each year, declaring your worldwide income on each: a Canadian return because you live in Canada, and a U.S. return because you are an American citizen.

 We take the worry out of tax compliance.
There are certain deductions and credits available due to tax treaties between Canada and the U.S. which will save you from double taxation. We can help you in preparing both the returns so that you will pay the least amount of taxes.

And if you’re getting notices from the IRS, we can help you resolve those as well.