What is the Staycation Tax Credit For Ontario Residents?

Residents who book a trip in Ontario between January 2022 and December 2022 are eligible for the Ontario Staycation Tax Credit. This credit will cover a portion of accommodation expenses.

This one is for the people of Ontario. Due to the rising prices and in-hand budget, most people choose staycation rather than going abroad. Keeping the situation in mind Ontario government came up with an unparallel solution for the locals and tourism industry. In this blog we’ll find out the following:

  • What is Ontario Staycation Tax Credit
  • Who is Eligible for Tax Credit?
  • What are Eligible & Ineligible Expenses?
  • How to claim the Tax Credit?

What is Ontario Staycation Tax Credit

The local government has introduced a temporary Ontario Staycation Tax Credit. This credit encourages Ontario families to explore their own province. Families can claim up to 20% of their accommodation expenses before December 31, 2022.

We took the initiative to support the tourist industry, which was crippled by the financial effects of COVID-19. It encourages Ontario residents to go out and explore the province, as well as its many cities and towns.

You can claim eligible expenses on your 2022 Personal Income Tax and Benefit Return. This includes hotel stays, resort bookings, campgrounds, motels, etc.

An individual can claim up to $1000 in accommodation expenses with a maximum of ($200). For a family including a spouse, common-law partner, or eligible children, it’s $2000 with a maximum of ($400).

Who is Eligible?

Anyone who is an Ontario resident can claim the Ontario Staycation Tax Credit by December 31st, 2022. Make sure only one person per family can claim the tax credit for the year.

You can only use eligible expenses incurred by your spouse or common-law partner and children to claim the credit. We make exceptions for eligible children in the family.

In the absence of a spouse, common-law partner, or eligible child, you can claim the expenses on your own.

What are Eligible Expenses?

You can qualify for the Ontario Staycation Tax Credit. This is for short-term leisure stays or camp accommodation between Jan 1st, 2022 to Dec 31st, 2022. It does not matter when you made the payment. You can claim the tax credit for the following:

  • Hotel Stay
  • Motels
  • Resort Booking
  • Bed-and-Breakfast facility
  • Cottage
  • Camping
  • holiday rental property

You, your spouse, common-law partner, or eligible child must pay the expenses to receive the Ontario staycation tax credit. A receipt from a supplier registered for GST/HST must show this.

You can claim any of the following expenses if you are meeting other odd requirements:

  • Single or multiple trip accommodations, up to the maximum expense limit of $1,000 for individuals or $2,000 for families.
  • Direct booking of accommodation with the provider or via an online platform.
  • The portion of the expense required to have access to the accommodation.
  • The accommodation portion of a tour package expense.

You must include the following details in the receipt to claim the tax credits.

  • the place of the accommodation
  • Consider the expense as the accommodation portion of a stay.
  • Any GST/HST amount paid
  • valid date of the stay
  • the name of the payer

What are Ineligible Expenses?

You cannot claim the Ontario staycation tax credit for:

  • Travel expenses like car rentals, fuel, tickets, shopping, or entry fees to local attractions, not for short-term accommodation or camping.
  • If any other person refunds accommodation expense to you, your spouse or common-law partner, or your eligible child.
  • For school, education, work, employment, or business reasons, or that can qualify for a medical expense tax credit.

How to Claim Your Credit

Get your tax credit back with a filing of your personal Income Tax and Benefit return for 2022. Ontario Staycation Tax Credit is a refundable personal income tax credit. It allows you to receive credits even if you owe income tax in 2022.

BG Accounting and Business Solutions in Ontario can help you get tax credits in your account.

Book your consultation now and learn about the process if you are eligible for the Ontario Staycation Tax Credit.

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