The Benefits of a Business Bank Account

Let’s learn today about the benefits of a business bank account. If you haven’t read our previous blog, “Steps after incorporating a business in Canada”? we suggest you read it first to better understand business bank accounts.

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Why Business Bank Account is required?

Why should you open a business bank account as an entrepreneur? Would you like to guess? Let BG Accounting and Business Solutions drive you through the importance of a business bank account.

1. Managing Finances

If you are an entrepreneur, the first thing would be to manage your business finances. But a sole proprietor is not legally bound to create a separate business bank account. Having a business bank account can bring peace of mind knowing that your business transactions are always easy to track and completely separate from your personal account.

Remember that newly developed corporations should have a new bank account under an established corporate name. If you lack a business bank account, corporations cannot receive money from third-party and customers as they won’t be able to make out a check or make payments to your new business.

2. Track Income & Expenses

It is also vital to track your income and expenses to reflect your business growth, keep accurate books, and make it easier to file your taxes when tax time rolls around. Any fees that come with the business bank account can be deducted as a business expense.

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3. Better Growth Chances

A separate business bank account will help you to grow your business with unprecedented ease and offer services that best fit your business.  For example, you can pay the vendors directly from your account, get access to products created for business, and makes your business journey much easier to proceed.

4. Organized Filing & Records

Opening a business bank account can save time by streamlining business financial records and tax information. For e.g, finding deductions are much easier as you don’t have to search through every single item in your bank statements.

5. Business Credibility

If you are operating through a business bank account, can assure your clients that your business is legitimate. It’s also possible that your business may be audited for tax purposes. But when you start mixing your personal and business banking, it will prove difficult for you, your bookkeeper, and your accountant to extract that financial data, especially if the CRA chooses to audit your business.

6. Business Credits

As your business grows, you may look for a business credit card, credit line, or business loan. Having an established business bank account will improve your chances of getting credit approval when the time comes. Your approval won’t hinge on your personal credit rating alone. In the case of a business loan, you’ll need to set up a separate business bank account in any affair.

Conclusive Thoughts

As you see, there are multiple benefits of having a business bank account for a new business. BG Accounting and Business Solutions will help you do that as we ideally match every business in Ontario, Canada.

Moreover, talk to one of our experts to best manage your tax and accounting keepings and take your business to the next level.

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